Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton Cancellation Lines Guaranteed Top 3

Contact us if you want to see Ben Platt in “Dear Evan Hansen before he leaves the role on 11/19.


We have a 100 % success rate getting tickets for the show; no other line wait service can make that claim.

Stubhub and Ticket Master prices for the show are through the roof.  Our fee plus the cost for the tickets is only a fraction of what they’re asking for on those sites.

Ticket prices as of today are 1500.00 for the seats our clients typically get at face value ($199 each).

If you’d rather not pay the equivalent of a mortgage payment for a theater ticket, contact us using our contact form.


We only ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice in advance of the date you’d like to attend the show.

Serious inquiries only.


Contact phone #’s and email addresses are required.



If you want to get tickets for the show, contact us via our contact form.


We have a 100% success rate getting tickets for DEH;  our sitters are always among the top 3.


We will get you in.  Two days’ notice is all it takes.


Our line-sitters are the best in NYC bar none.

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Hamilton Cancellation Line: Front of the Line Service & Face Value Same Day Tickets

Our sitters are the best in the City.  We will get you at or near the front of the first-come, first -serve Hamilton cancellation line for same day tickets.

You really do want face value tickets!   Standard tickets are $229 per and premiums are $849 each.  The same day box office cancellation line tickets are a mere fraction of the cost of the tickets available on the resale websites.

Our rate is $25 per hour; each sitter is permitted to purchase up to two (2) tickets. If you need additional tickets, a second sitter is required and the hourly rate is the same.

The longest waits are on weekends and on Wednesdays when there are two performances.

All you need to do to book is to give us 48 hrs’ notice in advance and we’ll take care of the rest.



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“Hamilton” Tickets Linesitters


Fed up with trying to win tickets via the “Hamilton” lottery? Well, the odds were long before the digital lottery, and they’re even longer now.

Fret now though. There is another way to get tickets: We will get you a PRIME spot on the cancellation line for any performance date you’d like. Text 323.206.6921 or email and we will do the rest.

We do charge an hourly fee for this service. Bear in mind that the number of tickets varies each day and we cannot guarantee anything beyond having you among the very first people on the line for the date in question.

Please call or email to schedule a linesitter for “Hamilton”.

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How to Get (Standby) Tickets for Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

It’s as simple as sending an email ( to get standby tickets.

We’ll pick them up for you and deliver them to you in Manhattan ONLY.  Please book at least a day in advance.

We charge an hourly fee for this service which is commensurate with the number of hours required to wait as well as the fact that our sitters are waiting outside in cold weather generally.

Please feel free to email for more information.

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First in Line for Dear Evan Hansen Thursday Night!


We’re first in the line for cancellation tickets for tonight’s show.  Contact us ASAP if  you’d like to see one of the final performances by Ben Platt in the title role.

Serious Inquiries ONLY.  Any inquiries that don’t include a contact phone number will not receive a response.

We’re exhausted  from the 24+ hour wait times both yesterday and today.

Before you make an offer, please check StubHub and TicketMaster prices for Dear Evan Hansen tickets for tonight.

Our fee is definitely less than what they’re asking.

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Platt’s Final Week @ Dear Evan Hansen

This is Ben Platt’s final week at DEH.   If you want to see the show, you need to reserve with us ASAP.

Because this will likely be a very long wait, we’ve decided to offer a flat rate for the line wait.


And to make things abundantly clear, you are paying for the line sitter’s time.

We will get to the line as early as necessary to ensure that we are at or near the front.  After that, the rest is up to the box office.

No one is waiting outside in the elements in sub freezing weather for free.


If  you’re too risk -averse to hire a line sitter, you should opt for tickets on StubHub or TicketMaster.   All we can do is get you to the front of the line and we do that incredibly well.


Use the form below to contact us:



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Serious Inquiries Only

We had hoped that we wouldn’t have to request serious inquiries only, but we must.

We’ve been inundated with inquiries from people who are simply trying to get information so that THEY can do the cancellation line themselves.

Sorry, but we aren’t here to give instructions on how to successfully navigate any of the Broadway cancellation lines that we do.

We are good at what we do; we’re often at the front or near the very front of any  cancellation line.

You want tickets?  We’ll get them.


We charge a premium fee for our service for a reason.


Dear Evan Hansen? 100 % success rate.


Hamilton?  First or top 3 always.


So, if your only purpose in contacting us is because you want us to tell you how to do it yourselves, please don’t bother contacting us.


Thank you.

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You read that correctly.  We’ve got a 100% success rate for Dear Evan Hansen. All our clients have gotten in to see the show.

Seats are phenomenal. They are the same seats that are currently being sold on Stubhub and TM for 1195 each.

Contact us 48 hours in advance and we’ll get you in to see the show.

We are only doing shows at which Ben Platt is scheduled to perform. As you surely know, he is leaving the show on 11/19.  You don’t have a lot of chances left to see him in the title role.

We guarantee that we’ll be among the top 3 in the FCFS  cancellation line.   Only a handful of tickets are released via the cancellation line and if you aren’t among the first few in line, the chances are slim that you’ll get in.

We have never been anything other than top 3.


Contact us and we’ll get you in too.

This is a premium service and being among the Top 3 is not an easy feat. We guarantee that we will be among the Top 3 when you book at least 48 hours in advance.

That’s the only caveat.  We also may, at our discretion, require a deposit before a sitter is sent to the theater to begin the long wait for tickets.



That’s the o



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Dear Evan Hansen Line Sitter Request

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Saturday Night Live Standby Line

In addition to Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, etc., we also do the SNL standby line; it’s FCFS and we will always be at or near the front of the line.

The lower the number, the better your odds of getting in.

We’ve been successful in getting others in before.  We can’t make any guarantees, because standby seats may or may not be available depending on the popularity of the hosts, musical guests, etc.

Contact us  so you can skip the line!


48 hours’ notice in advance for all reservations.



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