Email Us for Your Talk Show Ticket Requests

Standby line tickets only.  We’ll pick up and deliver them to you in NYC.

Please contact us at  We ‘ll get to the location as early as necessary to pick up your tickets, which is essential because with the standby tickets it’s first-come, first-served and with some of the shows, the tickets are numbered, which means the lowest numbered tickets are generally the ones that provide the best chance of getting in to see the show.

Our fee is hourly with a 2 hour min. We also require 1/2 the fee at booking. This, we regret, became necessary because some unscrupulous people have booked us and then after we’d waited for hours at a time, never paid us and never answered our phone calls/emails, etc.  In a word, we were scammed.

So, we now require 1/2 the fee in advance with the balance due upon delivery.

Thnks for reading.

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