Foo Fighters Pandemonium at Irving Plaza

I had to write about the experience. There was apparently wide-spread hysteria on Friday for the Sonic Highways concert by the Foo Fighters at Irving Plaza.

People camped out overnight in spite of the posted rules by Irving that said that people could not line up before 3PM.

Wristbands –which no one knew anything about — were distributed to those of us who arrived in the very early a.m. at around 12PM. Only 175 wristbands were given out for a total of 350 tickets. The staff at Irving Plaza gave out erroneous information to fans who’d called and those who’d stopped by the box office to try and get clarification about how the process would work. The “no lineups till 3PM” mandate seemed a little stupid for lack of a better word.

Imagine hundreds and hundreds of fans all converging in that small location at 3PM; would they have done it in an orderly fashion? I don’t think so. It looked like a mob scene by noon over there with the line across the street from Irving as the de facto line.

All I can say is that our clients were ECSTATIC; they got their tickets and got to see Foo Fighters in the intimate setting of Irving Plaza. They were die-hard Foo fans for certain.

I hope Foo Fighters do something for NY fans again before their gig at Citifield. Given the tremendous disappointment a lot of fans have been voicing about Irving Plaza and Live Nation’s handling of the event on December 5th.

Our tremendous team of line-waiters are the most reliable in NYC. They came through yet again for our clients. If you need line-sitters in NYC, you can be assured that if you hire our sitters, you’re hiring reliable and experienced line-sitters who will get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

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