Dominique Ansel Cronuts: Skip That Long Long Line

Haven’t blogged for a while. Have been very busy!   Would like you to know that the Cronut line is STILL very long these days and probably will be for the foreseeable future. If you want Cronuts and would rather skip the line, email us at linestandingnyc@zoho. com and we’ll pick them up for you.

We need 24 hours’ notice in advance. We have the best rates in the City for Cronut pick up and delivery; we also have the best line-sitters. Our sitters are prompt, courteous and professional and, I should add, well-groomed.  That’s especially important when you have people delivering any food items to you.

I saw someone on the Dominique Ansel Cronut line who runs another line-sitting service and who spends a lot of time courting publicity — via a publicist — handing out cards on the line. As he walked away, it appeared that he had a huge wet spot on his rear end.  Is that someone you’d want delivering any food item to you?  We think not.

You’ll never have to worry about a scenario like that with our line-sitters. We pride ourselves on courtesy, professionalism and CLEANLINESS.

Extremely important when one is delivering food to you.

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