Our First Experience With “Twibel”

Well, it’s been a minute since we’ve had time to write. We’re more often on Twitter these days.

Yesterday, we became aware that another line-sitting service @Sold_inc  had twibeled us on Twitter by falsely asserting that we’d sent him harasssing email, deleted his ads and called and hung up on the phone. This is not only false, but really quite sad.

There are people who do their level best to try and hurt others; apparently, they fall into their category.  We run an honest service. All our clients are satisfied and at the end of the day that’s really all that matters.

Twibel is, of course, actionable.  We’re not sure however what assets @Sold_inc would have to satisfy any legal judgment in light of the owner’s professed part time employment as a security guard and his alleged earnings of $20,000 per year in earnings from his business.

Legal fees alone would probably wipe him out.  On the other hand, one cannot sit idly by  while someone attempts to harm his or her financial and business interests.

We are in the process of determining the next best steps to take. The owner according to published reports is Robert Samuel,  was notified that he was to take down the defamatory posting, but to the best of our knowledge he has not yet done so.

Making defamatory statements about others on social media is the best way to find oneself on the receiving end of a summons and complaint. In some ways, he’s inconsequential to us and we would not even be responding to anything he says or does, but in this instance, one’s reputation is all one has and that’s everything in the personal services business.

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