Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon


Anyone who wants to attend the Jimmy Fallon show needs to be aware that when swaps are done the swaps have to be a one-to-one swap from here on out.  We don’t want there to be any conflict or altercations on the line. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that no one who is behind a client on the line feels “slighted” because they thought they were # x and find out later that they are in fact #y.

We want everyone to get along. The line is usually very uneventful, but we can say today that that is not always the case.  So, there are special caveats in place for Fallon effective today.

This also applies to SNL. Any swap has to be one to one so that no one behind you becomes irate with any of our clients. We want clients to be happy and to successfully get in to see the show.

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