Linesitters for “Hamilton” Cancellation Line


Don’t be this guy! Too far back on the line!

We are booking spots on the line for “Hamilton”.   We don’t need to tell you that “Hamilton” is the must-see show of this theater season (and of many more to come).


Our linesitters are providing spots on the (first-come, first -serve) cancellation line.

We charge by the hour and there is a 4 hour min.  You have the option of having us wait the entire time for either Matinee shows or evening shows; if we wait the entire time, you will have to provide payment for the ticket(s) once the box office opens.

Please note that we can’t guarantee tickets because the number of tickets varies from day-to-day.  We can make sure you are either first on the line and/or within the first 5 on the line.

The odds are in your favor the closer to the front you are.

Call our linesitter service for a quote and/or to book and we’ll do the rest. Our service is second to none.   We get the job done.

Linesitters “Hamilton” cancellation line

Jan. 31, 2016

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