Hamilton Cancellation Line (Linesitters)

We know that Lin is away on vacation this week. Our line-sitters, however, are Non-Stop.


If you want to see the show any day during Lin’s vacation or beyond, please call or text us at 323.206.6921 and we’ll dispatch a sitter for you to the first come, first serve cancellation line.

You should be aware as well that the wait time has increased significantly and we do charge by the hour.

Even with the hourly rate, the tickets you’ll be getting will be among the best in the house and far more economical than the tickets available on the resale market.

We’ve gotten Orchestra seats row E, F, G. and CC tickets for our clients. We can’t promise that you’ll get similar seats because the ticket situation varies each day.

We are always among the first few people on the cancellation line and because it’s first come, first serve, it means you are very likely to get tickets. We, again, don’t guarantee tickets, just a prime spot in the line for tickets.

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