The Things We Do For Clients to Get Hamilton Cancellation Line Tickets

We definitely queue up extraordinarily early to begin the wait for tickets in the first come, first serve cancellation line.

It is a grueling wait and it is far from pleasant.  We have a competitor who employs at least one or two people who are clearly unfit to work anywhere else other than a place that only requires that an individual can fog up a mirror.

I’ve personally been subjected to verbal harassment and name-calling: Bitch was the favored term today.  Actions have been taken as a result of this bizarre and erratic behavior.

The competitor is Same Ole Line Dudes, with whom we’ve had issues in the past with false accusations by them on social media and their having used a photo for which we are the copyright owner without our permission. and their first in the line black male unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse and then, from what I understand, went to the Richard Rodgers Theater to complain about me. The complaints were and are false and will be dealt with.

We really do not want to involve any of the Richard Rodgers staff people — working class people — in any extraneous matters, but false complaints affect not only us, but our customers.

Clients who deal and/or dealt with us in the past KNOW that we are courteous, professional and reliable and whatever task they entrust us with will be completed to their complete and total satisfaction.

We simply want to be left alone to wait in peace for tickets for our clients.  If the rancor and discord continues, the cancellation line will go away and we don’t think anyone wants that to happen … but I could be wrong given the haven’t matured much since high school antics of that other company’s employees.

I need to add that this does not apply at all to the other respectful young man who works for the company. His parents clearly raised him right. He is civil and courteous to everyone and there has never been an issue with him.   His conduct is exemplary.



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