Cyberbullying & Harassment by Competing Line-Sitting Co.

We were hoping that we would not have to write this post. However, late afternoon yesterday we came upon a post on a website, Broadway message board in which we were falsely accused of having sullied the reputation of the owner of SOLD a/k/a Same Ole Line Dudes.


There were other extremely crazy accusations as well.  This has been an ongoing problem with this man constantly making false and defamatory accusations, harassing our manager in the street whenever he sees her by directing rude and discourteous comments to her and falsely accusing her of having taken a picture of him at BlackTap Meat Packing when she was there to meet a sitter and did what she does a lot: take photos of lines around the city.

The behavior he exhibits is truly disturbing and we are documenting all the incidents of defamatory statements published by him, etc., Appropriate action to address it will be taken.

The behavior, in our opinion, is obsessive and cause for serious concern. We don’t know anything about his mental health history, but the behavior suggests that we have to take appropriate action to protect ourselves.


Not sure why a 6ft 5 in 300 lb male would behave so outrageously.

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