Same Ole Line Dudes Owner Robert Samuel

We ad hoped to not have to address this on our blog. However, for the past year we’ve been harassed by the owner of the company doing business as Same Ole Line Dudes, LLC and its owner, Robert Samuel per NYS Corporate records.

We are unsure of the genesis of the issue, but he has engaged in a campaign of cyberbullying and harassment on Twitter and on other websites and has most recently falsely attempted ascribe our phone number to a person to whom it does not belong and who is not the subscriber.  He appears obsessed with harassing her who he falsely claims is the owner of Linestandingnyc. He knows nothing about who owns or operates Linestandingnyc.

He has engaged in threatening behavior and lies incessantly about our sitters and has gone so far as to have falsely tweeted that our sitters were using weed on the Hamilton cancellation line. All of which was done maliciously and intended to harass and to injure our reputation.

Anyone who reads the psychotic things he’s written can probably surmise that he has a very serious mental health problem. We blocked him on Twitter but he obviously found a way around that and now reads our tweets.  We could go on about his behavior over the past year or so, but we won’t address it in this forum.

If you think this is someone you’d like to do business with, we hope you think again.

His behavior has been mostly directed towards the woman who books sitters for some bizarre reason.

We have retained a pro bono attorney who is preparing to take legal action against him  and his company.

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