Same Ole Line Dudes and Cyberstalking, Harassment

We’ve discussed this previously, but we’ve got to make it crystal clear that we’ve been the victims of cyberstalking by the owner of Same Ole Line Dudes, Robert Samuel (owner according to NYS Corporate records).

There have been countless abusive tweets on Twitter and other websites where he has relentlessly bashed our service and our associates. The behavior has included taking photographs of sitters while they’ve been asleep; photos of them when they were doing nothing other than standing in a line. Demeaning and belittling comments about people he apparently believes that he is superior to. Clearly a very delusional person.

All of this next level nuttiness takes place primarily on the Internet. We have encountered him in various places around NYC and, like most cowards, he has nothing to say directly to us or our sitters, but engages in passive-aggressive behavior where he will make comments, e.g., singing or speaking: “No weapon formed against me …” We first experienced this in Central Park during SITP when passing him as we headed down the path to wait in the line.

We last encountered it at the Richard Rodgers Theatre where while passing him he began making other nonsensical and outrageous comments directed toward us.

There was also an incident where we believe a false complaint was made to the police falsely accusing our sitter associates of smoking marijuana while in the line.
We are in the process of obtaining additional information about that complaint and as soon as we can say definitively that he was behind it, we will update this post.

One of our associates did observe that he went up to the police car when it arrived.

We were not present for this incident and so we can’t say definitively one way or the other, but there has been a pattern of behavior over the past year that leads us to believe that it would not be far-fetched to believe that he was in fact behind it.

We should note that he is an African-American male. Nothing further needs to be said about that. Merely context for the false police report we believe him to be responsible for. “Every brother ain’t a brother ….”

This harassment and cyberstalking is intended to try and sabotage our service.

Extremely anti-social behavior without a doubt.

We have had to seek legal help as a result of this continuing stalking/bullying and bashing by Robert Samuel. There have been defamatory postings on website, etc.,

We are quite concerned about it because he seems seriously mentally unstable.

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