Hamilton an American Musical Cancellation Line-Sitters

We can say with 100% confidence that we will get you tickets– some of the best in the house — to see Hamilton via tickets from the cancellation line.

Our sitters will wait –as long as it takes — to get tickets for you. Wait times have increased considerably and 4 days is about where it’s at now.

So, please bear that in mind when you contact us to reserve.

We have also had to raise our fees as a result. Sitters are outside in the elements (extreme heat) for day’s on end and deserve to be compensated for the hardship that involves.

If you’re bargain-hunting for “Hamilton” we aren’t the service for you.

Ticket prices have also gone up. $549 for premiums and $199 for standard tickets. Standard tickets require the services of 2 line-sitters. Premiums, when available, require 1 line-sitter.

So, email us at linestandingnyc@zoho.com, if you want to be in the room where it happens …. before members of the OBC bid adieu.

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