Hamilton an American Musical on Broadway Cancellation Line

Have heard some rather distressing news about cancellation line shenanigans of late. It appears that there has been some line cutting going on, police called and the line for the evening’s performance was subsequently cancelled.

That is horrible and especially for the people who were at the front of the line for days until a woman with her children (terrible) somehow got to the front of the line and refused to listen to any protests by the people who had been in the line for days.

Terrible. Even more terrible that there were small children with her who witnessed such horrible behavior.

We are happy to say, however, that there haven’t been any incidents like that when our sitters have been in the line.

Not really sure what’s going on.

That aside, if you’d like to have a shot at getting tickets for the show via the cancellation line, email us at linestandingnyc@zoho.com for details about our rates, etc.,

The show is phenomenal and you don’t have to wait until 2017 to see it or shell our huge sums of money to buy resale tickets. The tickets purchased via the cancellation line at the theater are face value tickets. We, of course, charge a fee for our time in the line, but even with the fee and the cost of the tickets, you save a substantial amount of money and get to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece.

Email us. See the show.

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