Harassment by Same Ole Line Dudes Owner

About a week ago, completely coincidentally, I was standing in a line in midtown with headphones on when the owner of SOLD INC came by the line to hand out cards.

He got to the part of the line in which I was standing and called me a “Fucking Cunt” apparently thinking that because I had on headphones I did not hear what he said.

I have ZERO contact with him or any of the people associated with him or his company and trust me we have zero interest in ever having anything to do with them.

It is both sad and a profound testament to his mental instability that he would direct such a slur towards someone.

I believe we had not seen him or his associates for at least 3 months. We still have every intention of bringing legal action against him and his company and have documented every instance of harassment, defamation, etc.

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