Continuing Harassment by Same Ole Line Dudes Owner Robert Samuel

Have been rather busy with not a lot of time to write. Had not seen the owner of Same Ole Line Dudes since he called me a rather nasty name a couple of months ago while I was wearing headphones (and he obviously presumed I was listening to music and would not hear what he said). Ran into him about a week ago in Manhattan where he was on a line and I was headed home to go to church.

He began to yell out and made a wild, and of course, false accusation and issued what sounded to me like a threat. (police report filed).

I would never engage in a conversation with him about anything …. ever.

A vile and disgusting human being whom I learned actively attempted to dissuade people from using our service. There’s a legal action for that and I try to use my time wisely, but attorneys are saying that he has to be sued given the continuing harassment and efforts to cause harm to our service.

He was also obviously stalking. 911 will be called if he persists in harassing conduct on the streets of NYC.

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