Hamilton Cancellation Line Tickets: Linesitters

schuylersisters2We’ll wait in the first come, first serve line to get tickets for you to see Hamilton via the same day cancellation line. We have a very high rate of success getting tickets for clients.
Our sitters will be at or near the front of the line to ensure you receive tickets when they become available.

We ask that you book with linestandingnyc at least 48 hours in advance. Tickets received via the cancellation line are a better value than either Stubhub or TM. Please refer to those websites for additional information about the prices for Hamilton tickets.

Our rate is $25 per hour and the number of hours needed varies. Typically, lines for weekend performances tend to be longer.

Again, please contact us at linestandingnyc@zoho.com if you’d like to book or for additional information.

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