Same Ole Line Dudes Harassment

It seems it’s incumbent upon us at this point to take legal action against this company and its owner, Robert Samuel, who for more than a year has engaged in harassing conduct towards us and who most recently made false accusations about our manager to the manager’s friend during the Snapchat Pop Up Shop in Manhattan.  False statements designed to deter third parties from associating with our very reputable and very professionally conducted line-waiting service.

Enough is enough.  At one point, we had even referred others to that service when we were booked solid and unable to accommodate any further requests for Shakespeare in the Park, etc.  You can be certain, however, that that ended some time ago and we wouldn’t refer our pet dog to their service given the harassing conduct of its owner, Robert Samuel. It would be loath of us to refer anyone to a business owned and operated by a person who would engage in harassing conduct, name-calling, “Cunt”, etc., or employ those who engage in such conduct.

We would not countenance such conduct by anyone associated with linestandingnyc and you can be certain that no one associated with us conducts themselves in such a despicable manner.

You can book with us with confidence.   Everything stated above is factual and/or based upon our opinion and experiences with Same Ole Line Dudes.

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