Shakespeare in the Park Season Begins 5/23 Linesitters

Shakespeare in the Park season is a little over a week away. “Julius Caesar” begins on 5/23.  We will wait in the FCFS line in Central Park to get tickets for the evening’s performance at the Delacorte.

Our line-sitters will queue up to pick up tickets for you and/or your group.  Please provide 48 hours’ notice in advance. Pairs only.

Tickets are delivered after 1PM on the day of the show.


Contact us using our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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Dear Evan Hansen SRO/Cancellation Line Ticket Linesitters

If you’d like to see the Tony-nominated Broadway hit, “Dear Evan Hansen” without the long wait and lines for tickets, contact us and we’ll hold your spot in the line for DEH and any other Broadway/Off-Broadway show.  Line-sitters will wait in the first-come, first-serve line for you.

We charge an hourly fee for our service.  Please contact us for a quote.

You must also book in advance.


“We Do Lines”


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Shakespeare in the Park Linesitters Julius Caesar First Production of the Season

Shakespeare in the Park’s first production of the summer begins on May 23, 2017.


Contact us to schedule pick up and delivery of tickets for “Julius Caesar.”  Pairs only.

Able to accommodate group ticket requests.  Please contact us via the contact form here on the site.

“We DO Lines”



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Hamilton Cancellation Line: Front of the Line Service & Face Value Same Day Tickets

Our sitters are the best in the City.  We will get you at or near the front of the first-come, first -serve Hamilton cancellation line for same day tickets.

You really do want face value tickets!   Standard tickets are $229 per and premiums are $849 each.  The same day box office cancellation line tickets are a mere fraction of the cost of the tickets available on the resale websites.

Our rate is $25 per hour; each sitter is permitted to purchase up to two (2) tickets. If you need additional tickets, a second sitter is required and the hourly rate is the same.

The longest waits are on weekends and on Wednesdays when there are two performances.

All you need to do to book is to give us 48 hrs’ notice in advance and we’ll take care of the rest.



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We’ll Price Match and/or Beat Line Sitting Fee for Hamilton, etc.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to see any of the hottest shows in town or need a line-sitter for any other queue you’d like to avoid, contact us at Our specialty is front of the line service for the Hamilton cancellation line and other Broadway lines.

We ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice in order to book a line-sitter. We want you to be in the very best position to get tickets for that dream show, etc.

We charge a reasonable fee for our wait time. We’re so confident about our rates, that we’ll price match and/or beat (with appropriate documentation), any quote by any other line wait service in NYC.

“We Do Lines.”

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Spring is Here …. Hamilton Cancellation Line Tickets, Evan Hansen, and More


If you want to see Hamilton, all you have to do to get same day tickets is contact us.

We’ll get you SAME DAY FACE VALUE tickets for the show for any performance you’d like to attend. Let us know the number of tickets you need: premium or standard and the date you’d like to attend. Line-sitters will wait in the first-come, first-serve line and purchase tickets for you. Each sitter is permitted to purchase up to 2 tickets. If you need more than two, it will require an additional line-sitter.

We charge an hourly rate for this premium service, which is in addition to the cost of the tickets.

We specialize in the front of the line; you book with us at least 48 hours in advance and we’ll do the rest.

Contact us at and you’ll soon be among our many satisfied customers.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Same Ole Line Dudes Harassment

It seems it’s incumbent upon us at this point to take legal action against this company and its owner, Robert Samuel, who for more than a year has engaged in harassing conduct towards us and who most recently made false accusations about our manager to the manager’s friend during the Snapchat Pop Up Shop in Manhattan.  False statements designed to deter third parties from associating with our very reputable and very professionally conducted line-waiting service.

Enough is enough.  At one point, we had even referred others to that service when we were booked solid and unable to accommodate any further requests for Shakespeare in the Park, etc.  You can be certain, however, that that ended some time ago and we wouldn’t refer our pet dog to their service given the harassing conduct of its owner, Robert Samuel. It would be loath of us to refer anyone to a business owned and operated by a person who would engage in harassing conduct, name-calling, “Cunt”, etc., or employ those who engage in such conduct.

We would not countenance such conduct by anyone associated with linestandingnyc and you can be certain that no one associated with us conducts themselves in such a despicable manner.

You can book with us with confidence.   Everything stated above is factual and/or based upon our opinion and experiences with Same Ole Line Dudes.

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